JavaScript and WebGL in the East Bay

Monday, November 25, 2013 Posted by Josh Staples

Greetings from the East Bay.  

I am a WebGL JavaScript R&D Software Engineer at Navis, LLC located at Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

Navis provides a software product to shipping terminals around the world.   The Terminal Operating System (TOS) facilitates the organization and movement of shipping containers in over 250 ports around the world.

In short, Navis provide the "smarts" for moving TRILLIONS of dollars worth of cargo around the world.
In WebGL short, we move cubes around the world. :)   Translation and rotation!

Recently I gave a presentation at the WebGL Meetup in San Francisco.

Poorly Converted Slidedeck:

Video of the Presentation:

    NOTE:  The sound and picture at the latter are a bit off as it was filmed via a webcam.

One of reasons I've started this coding blog is to demonstrate some of the work I am doing in JavaScript and WebGL in the East Bay.  In that regard, I hope to provide solid code examples for my fellow WebGL developers.

Feel free to take a look at all of my code at my Github account:

In the near future, I hope to present the following topics:
  1. Ray Intersection
  2. Ray Intersection with a DIV offset.
  3. Marquee Selection of 3D objects (with a DIV offset)
  4. Marquee Selection with caching.

Happy Coding!
- Josh Staples